Professional Physiotherapy  & Sports Clinic

Why Choose Professional Physiotherapy and sports Clinic

At Professional Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we do not double-book clients, nor do we provide your treatment through support personnel. Supportive staffs may walk you thorough the exercises, prescribed  by an experienced Physiotherapist. We provide only the treatment you need, and we will send you with home program with videos,that can be accessible on your smart phone or your computer on the go. Our goal is to get you better as soon as possible and to educate you to prevent this from recurring as far as possible.

Please take time to read and fill he intake form,which you can find on our webpage under “new patient ” tab, at your convenience of home. This will save you time at the initial appointment. Once you sent this in, we will call you setup your appointment based on your condition. Some conditions may take more time than others. Usually initial assessment includes one treatment session.

Our team of registered Physiotherapists will assist you through the period of recovery and provide you with handouts or relevant information, advice, what should be done and what not, in the best interest of our patients. Please feel free to ask about the assessment findings and treatment plans, we prefer to include you in designing the treatment programs . We believe patient participation and understanding is the best way to manage , maintain and prevent conditions, as far as possible.