Professional Physiotherapy  & Sports Clinic

About PPSC and Rates

PPSC is located on the main floor, suit 102 next to Pharmacy.

At Professional Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we provide optimum care based on evidence based practices and experience in the field of Physiotherapy. We believe education is the main component of treating, managing and preventing conditions. For a health oriented community like Belleville need such a physio clinic which is based on respect and care for all.

We work hand in hand with the physicians and medical care providers to ensure safe, effective, and evidence based treatments tailored by experience more than 20 years in the field of Physiotherapy.

In our patient centered atmosphere we try our level best to accommodate most of the needs of our clients . Our clinic is on the main floor close to walk in clinic, after hours clinic ,and pharmacy. Out wheel chair accessible ground floor clinic is close to Quinte General Hospital provides such a convenience for patients for easy access for braces and equipment needs .

Our Rates


  • Initial Assessment (approx. 45 min.) – $90
  • Reassessment (approx. 30 min) – $70
  • Follow-up treatment – $65

Dizziness and Balance  Rehabilitation

  • Initial Assessment ,and Treatment (approx. 60 min.) – $160
  • Reassessment ,and treatment(approx. 45 min) – $70
  • Follow-up treatment – $65

Fall Risk Evaluation

  • Initial Assessment ,and Treatment (approx. 45 min.) – $90
  • Reassessment (approx. 30 min) – $70
  • Follow-up treatment – $65

In-Home Therapy

  • Initial Assessment ,and Treatment (approx. 45-60 min. ) – $120
  • Reassessment (approx. 30 min), and Follow-up treatment – $120
  • Any distance more than one hour may cost extra for travel time, please talk to the front desk for details.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of any appointments. Patient will be charged for late cancellations.

We understand that unplanned issues can arise and that you may need to cancel an appointment. If that happens, we respectfully ask for scheduled appointments to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

When you do not come to your scheduled appointment it affects three people: YOU because you don’t get the treatment you need to get better. The THERAPIST who now has a empty space in his schedule since the time was reserved for you personally. ANOTHER PATIENT, who is in need of treatment, could have been scheduled for treatment if you had given us adequate notice.There is a no show/cancellation fee of $25 for Physiotherapy visits if we do not receive a phone call with 24 hours’ notice. This charge will not be covered by insurance, it will have to be paid by you personally.