Professional Physiotherapy  & Sports Clinic


Suzanne O’Shea

Sunday Lucas

Very professional a pleasure to deal with, very knowledgeable dealt with and answered any concerns, dealt with and resolved my issues, would highly recommend

Kristy Ferrill

I had no idea what to expect as this was my first time ever going to a Physiotherapist, Abhi explained everything to me and my back pain is getting much better!

Joe Tambasco

Abhi (physiotherapist) was very knowledgeable in dealing with my vestibular issues in other words, helped resolve my vertigo. Above all, he is very thorough and the follow up care is amazing.

Margie Boyce

On Thursday, September 05, 2019 I went into the office at 274 Dundas Street East to see if I could be a new patient as I was experiencing severe neck pain. I was able to get an appointment the following morning with Abhilash Surabhi. When I arrived I was welcomed by Abhi (as he would like to be called). Abhi took the time to listen to my concerns and find out the location of my pain. During my treatment he was very thorough in letting me know what he was doing and explained why he was doing it. I was given exercises; in the form of videos so I would be able to have them readily available to me at all times. I have gone twice this week and find Abhi was able to lessen my pain. I feel very comfortable knowing I am in good hands and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Abhi @ Professional Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic.
Margie Boyce

Monica Karwiese

For years I have had migraines including nausea and dizziness. For the month of March I was dizzy and nauseated with a headache or migraine every day. My family MD wanted to increase or change my migraine medication. I also had right shoulder/neck pain and asked for physiotherapy requisition to assist with the pain as I felt it may be contributing to my migraines. I booked and apt with Abhi Surabhi at Professional Physiotherapy in May 2019. Abhi corrected my shoulder pain, he was very thorough with my condition- he questioned me about my migraines/dizziness/nausea and has concluded that I may have vestibule imbalance. He performed a test for this and it confirmed my dizziness/nausea was due to this. He performed a procedure to correct the imbalance and now I am on a rehab program to slowly correct everything. I have not had a migraine since the procedure on June 14 2019. I usually have 2-3 migraines a week. Abhi took the time and patience to truly find out what was causing my migraines. All other health professionals treated the migraine while Abhi treated the cause of the migraine. I am no longer nauseated, so far no migraines and am slowly working on not being dizzy- although my dizziness has decreased considerably.

A big thank you to Abhi Surabhi, MPT at Professional Physiotherapy and Sports clinic in Belleville Ontario!!

Monica Karwiese