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Virtual Visits 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Physiotherapist initiates virtual visit with you through secure end to end encryption secure connection. We will walk you through how to use this platform and we will keep extra time to do this setup if needed. Patients will not loose any actual assessment or treatment time.

Step 2

Patient accept incoming virtual visit on their computer or smart phone. You can access this service where ever there is internet accessible.

Step 3

Physiotherapist conducts assessment, treatment, education,followups and Progressive exercises with detailed home program with video instructions.

Efficient Visits.Save time, money.Convenient.

During this tough time of Covid-19, we want to pay respect to all front line health care workers ,and the heroes of military personals who step forward to show they care at the beginning of Covid-19 demonstrating fearless minds and big hearts. This is our way to say “THANK YOU”.

You don't need to be in pain just because of the physio clinics are closed or not accessible for other reasons. This will enable any healthcare staffs who unfortunately exposed to Covid-19 and staying home., or those who are afraid to go to clinics for regular visits. Our Telehealth Virtual Visit platform provide easy,quick access at the convenience of your home,workplace or where ever there is internet available. We will walk you through the simple 3 step process to access.
professional physiotherapy and sports clinic
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