How often should I exercise ? What is the safe weight I can lift?

How often should I exercise ?
What is the safe weight I can lift?
People of all ages get benefited by exercise. The new researches suggests resistance exercises are
are proved to be improving health, prevent progression of arthritis . If you like to read how “Exercise helps prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis” copy and paste this link in your browser :
This great new info graphic from @acsm1954 published in 2019 by American College of Sports Medicine illustrate the optimum exercise plan.
At Professional Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic we provide current deviance based information for the better results for our patient through careful assessment and customized treatment plans tailored for individual persons. for more information please visit clinic or call 613 689 9916

Adapted from ACSM 1954

When you choose an exercise it is always a good idea to make sure that it fits your personal health condition and specifically designed for your need. Talk to your physiotherapist for more information and guidance, especially if you have any specific goal in mind or you have difficulty in doing a specific activity from a physical ailment.

(Pictures adapted from Wikimedia)

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